Committed to
our independence.

Values.media is independent. Independent of any communications group, media outlet or investment fund. This guarantees complete control, in-house and without subcontracting, of our clients’ communication campaigns. The guarantee of a precise control of the risks linked to data confidentiality in accordance with GDPR. Independence allows Values.media to be impartial in its advice, to bring teams closer to governance and to put people before profit. This independence also makes it possible to reduce the risks of corruption, to guarantee the ethics of contracts and of our media and technological recommendations. This intrinsic independence promotes the plurality of local and national media.


Committed to
our clients.

Because our main KPI is customer satisfaction, we do everything we can to provide tailor-made support for each and every one of our client, thanks to a dedicated “consultancy” and “expertise” team. We create tools to enable quantitative and qualitative monitoring of the campaigns we manage. Our research and strategic planning team provides our customers with regular analyses of trends in our ecosystem. We also create open formats in the form of podcasts, conferences and newsletters to pollinate media topics. We are committed to defending your interests within a framework of high standards and respect for media and technology partners. That is our responsibility.


Committed to
the team.

Values.media is a diverse group of men and women from all walks of life. Openness and non-discrimination are our DNA. Values promotes equal opportunities by encouraging ongoing training to enhance the employability of each individual and our clients. Values.media encourages horizontal and vertical development and gives priority to internal recruitment. Values.media is constantly striving to improve working conditions through a dynamic company sports policy, a concerted teleworking agreement and a remuneration system based on the joint achievement of objectives.


Committed to

Since 2016, Values.media has been committed to formalising and optimising its sustainable development actions. An ad hoc committee has been set up to scrutinise the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to determine the concrete action levers already in place or to be initiated. In 2020, Values made a voluntary commitment to the Global Compact France and has since submitted a Communication Of Progress (COP) each year. In 2022, the agency joined the Lucie community and set about obtaining the Lucie 26000 label. Following an external audit and the deliberations of a jury of experts and companies, Values.media was awarded the label by the leading French label. Twenty-five progress commitments structure the agency’s roadmap.

The SD (sustainable development) committee is responsible for ensuring that the roadmap is followed, mobilising working groups and even a committee of external stakeholders. At the same time, Values.media chairs the CSR committee of UDECAM (Union Des Entreprises Conseil et d’Achat Média – Union of Media Consulting and Buying Companies), obtaining a vote on a common CSR charter with nine objectives and piloting the inter-professional project to create the only scientific tool for measuring the environmental footprint of media campaigns using the European PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) method. This tool, the only one of its kind in the world, enables the measurement of media campaigns’ environmental footprint and their eco-design.